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Ontario Championships Event Snap Shot

Competition Times: 8am – 10pm
Location: RIM Park – Waterloo, Ontario

2018 Dates:   

April 6-8 – 15UG/14UB

April 13-15 – 12UG/17UG

April 19-21 – 14UG/15UB/17UB

April 22-24 – 12UB/13UG/13UB/16UB

April 27-29 – 16UG/18UG/18UB

Number of courts: 27

Number of teams: 839

Official ball: Mikasa MVA200 and Mikasa MVA Lite

Qualifying procedure: Must play in a minimum of 2 regulation season OVA Events

Number of years event has been running: 12

Age groups offered in 2018: 12U to 18U Boys and Girls

Total number of athletes participating: 9,500+

Total number of coaches participating: Approximately 1,300+

Total number of officials: 175

Total number of spectators attending: 35,000

Total number of volunteers: 150 Event Staff

Competition format: 3 day tournament, pool & power pool on day 1 and 2. Tiered playoffs on Day 3

Playing surface: Sport court (grey and green tiles)

Seasonal progression: Seeding event for nationals


  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals awarded for each tiered playoff
  • Evelyn Holick and Ken Davies Awards presented to outstanding male and female athletes in the 18U division
  • All Star Awards for the 16U, 17U and 18U divisions
  • Awards of Excellence given to one player from each registered team for 12U to 16U divisions